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About Me


Things I love: laughing till my sides split, skiing like a ninja, travelling anywhere and everywhere, rum, cake mix, log fires and the smell of freshly-cut grass. Spearmint, turquoise, black and white photos.

My silly little boxer dog who’s affectionally known as ‘hippo-croc-a-pig’.

I’m a pot-head (ahem, of the Harry Potter variety, thank you very much!) and have a teeny tiny tortoise called Albus to show for it.

I go coo-coo over Christmas. Anything to do with it. It’s pure and honest magic, and I’d start decorating in September if I could.

I’m a fancydress costume snob.

I love a good lunge-off on the dance floor. (Yes, really)

I’m known for my elephant obsession.

I always want a pizza.

And as for photography?


It all happened by chance.

PINIMAGEI was a guest. I was a guest at a friend’s wedding and being a lowly, poor student at the time who was unable to afford the John Lewis wish-list, I decided to give them a wedding gift to remember; so I filmed their big day instead.

From that moment on, I’ve been hooked.

Since then I’ve photographed and filmed a mezze of weddings, from rustic barns to colonial mansions.  And I just can’t get enough of them.

There’s nothing more precious to me than memories, and what better way to immortalise them than in a photograph?

I have the most incredible family and friends, and looking back over our heaps and heaps of photo albums is one of my favourite past times.

Over a few short years photography has become such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine living without it.  The treasured moments captured forever;  a framed print making a statement on my wall, a precious polariod stashed in my memorabilia box, or a special moment proudly covering my mobile. Photographs are everywhere!

And you’re just the same.  Photography is a big deal to us.  We know the importance of capturing a fleeting moment, that without photographic evidence can be lost in a second.

We love the emotions that gush from a picture; a proud glance, a teary-eyed groom, the goofy grins from a coupe of newlyweds fresh from tying the knot!

We love fun and natural photos – none this posed-up, formal nonsense.  That just ain’t our style.

And by God do we love to laugh.

So this is me.  In all my kooky glory.  And if you think we’d get along, then I know we’d have a ball.

So get in touch and let’s have a natter!


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